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Matrix Nearness Problems for Sums of Kronecker Products and Preconditioning

I've asked Alex to contribute today's article to give people a taste of what kinds of problems IZENTE helps to solve. I first met Alex when I saw him give a talk on semi-separable matrices. He is one of the brightest programmers I have ever worked with. I think this article really shows the value… Continue reading Matrix Nearness Problems for Sums of Kronecker Products and Preconditioning


IZENTE Book Club January 2022

At the final management meeting of 2021, we were motivated to find a book that may inspire us as we enter the new year. It could be any genre, but the main takeaway should be that it helps us better ourselves as we start clean in 2022. Here is the round up of our picks,… Continue reading IZENTE Book Club January 2022


Notes on Hiring Developers

Working with IZENTE I have had the pleasure to be involved in hiring software developers for work on long term contracts.  Having been involved with engineers and with hiring for more traditional roles, I have had some unique insights on the process. 1. Don't Waste Their Time One thing we hear a lot from prospective… Continue reading Notes on Hiring Developers


2021: A Year in Tech Review

A lot has happened in the tech industry in 2021. As CTO of IZENTE, I have a unique perspective on how these changes are impacting the tech world.  I will highlight some of the important changes that happened, and what they will mean for scientific businesses. 1. Java 17 Release A lot of businesses have… Continue reading 2021: A Year in Tech Review